Words, materials and transformation

I love how my hands can transform materials it into new forms. Sometimes unexpected. My love affair with clay is still alive and well, and the journey has shown me colour and print. It has re-ignited an interest in chemistry as glaze investigations are now part of my life. The mystical alchemy and transformations in the … Continue reading Words, materials and transformation

Reflections on 2015

Best intentions to re-start with studies can change in one year. 2015 was full of other interesting things as I explored new techniques in ceramics, worked out how to use silk screens in many different ways, established workshops in my studio and have my loyal artist friends who came to play with clay with me. … Continue reading Reflections on 2015

A research journey is beginning

When a close friend started on a research journey in her area of dance for people with dementia, I found myself hankering after the academic life again. The stimulation, inspiration and dialogue with the research community I felt could fill in the gaps in my ceramics practice. Essentially I am feeling that I have more … Continue reading A research journey is beginning