I'm using my bird drawings for a series of cards. There will be 25 different designs. Each card has an information panel about each birds. So far I have completed Bar Tailed Godwits (3 different images), Glossy Black Cockatoo, Common Sandpiper, Grey Plovers, Pied Oystercatcher, Latham's Snipe, Common Greenshank, Little and Common Tern, Osprey, and … Continue reading Cards!

Not simply black and white

Bits of my mind. Deep in my conscious (and non-conscious) mind there is so much to uncover. It sometimes finds its way into the everyday, and I have been ignoring it. So this is the time it will take form with the writing on the blog as a starting of this unfolding of the thoughts … Continue reading Not simply black and white

Watercolour, pencil and ink

  I always knew I would work in 2D one day. It has taken several years to get to this point, and after several failed attempts over the last few years (I didn't enjoy what I was producing) I seem to have finally found the combination of media and techniques I love and want to … Continue reading Watercolour, pencil and ink