More and more cards

I have launched my cards at last. The series of 25 different designs are my digital drawings that have been about 3 years in development. So finally I have had them printed and I am very pleased with the results. They will be on sale at the Butter Factory Arts Centre and Under the Greenwood … Continue reading More and more cards

Bird Sanctuary – An exhibition

Under the Greenwood Tree is a delightful small gallery on Tambourine Mountain. I have been invited to exhibit my Bird Sanctuary exhibition here from 3 April. So if you are visiting the mountain to enjoy its cafes, walks and views then drop in to see my vessels and sculptures. The well known Brisbane artist David … Continue reading Bird Sanctuary – An exhibition

Little gnome garden sculptures

I've been updating my liminal process blog recently with my travels and photographs, and for the last few days I have been back in the studio and starting some new work. To challenge myself I have started to document the process with little videos. The first is a quick tour of my studio which was … Continue reading Little gnome garden sculptures

My online shop back in action

My gallery outlets are closed, so I have resurrected my online shop, and I’d love your support if you need a special gift. You can pick up from my studio in Noosa Heads to save on postage. The Butter Factory Arts Centre in Cooroy have just launched their online shop too, it’s looks fantastic... … Continue reading My online shop back in action


I'm using my bird drawings for a series of cards. There will be 25 different designs. Each card has an information panel about each birds. So far I have completed Bar Tailed Godwits (3 different images), Glossy Black Cockatoo, Common Sandpiper, Grey Plovers, Pied Oystercatcher, Latham's Snipe, Common Greenshank, Little and Common Tern, Osprey, and … Continue reading Cards!

Shorebirds galore

Common Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos Earlier this year I joined The members of this wonderful organisation are really active in observing, monitoring, and being active in the conservation of our bird species. We can't wait to get into our motorhome and visit some of the sites identified by this group, and join them for conferences … Continue reading Shorebirds galore

New porcelain tableware

I am a bit excited about my new tableware. I have been pondering for a while now on how to extend my pandanus and banksia vases, and a few experimental pieces have not been successful. So perseverance furthers and I am now happy with these dishes - using my photographs and drawings from them, transformed … Continue reading New porcelain tableware

Bird Sanctuary

I have been a bit remiss on the blogging recently, but the studio work has been emerging over the last few months on several fronts. The series Bird Sanctuary continues to interest me, as I draw more images of migratory birds. I have also been researching these amazing birds, that fly continually for thousands of … Continue reading Bird Sanctuary