Shorebirds galore

Common Sandpiper
Actitis hypoleucos

Earlier this year I joined The members of this wonderful organisation are really active in observing, monitoring, and being active in the conservation of our bird species. We can’t wait to get into our motorhome and visit some of the sites identified by this group, and join them for conferences and field trips.

The loss of bird numbers over the last 30 years across Australia and worldwide is staggering, and we can all be active in taking small steps to help our birds. A bowl of water in the shade is a good start, and planting bird friendly trees and shrubs in your garden. Habitat loss is having the biggest impact, and many farmers and land owners are taking notice, hopefully this movement will grow.

“When a bird arrives, quite literally, into our space, it constitutes a burning moment in time, one which instantly seems to possess a memorable vibration. Birds have a natural, real presence. It is unqualified. That is their power. At the same time, their presence is constantly mediated by our culture, which sets off other vibrations, including spiritual ones.”

Barry Hill in Lines for Birds.

I’m just starting on a project using my digital images of birds that I have been drawing for a couple of years now. These will be printed onto cards. I really love how the image is softened when it’s printed on gorgeous Kozo paper from the Awagami factory in Japan. The cards will be available at the Butter Factory Arts Centre Gallery Shop, or from my studio.

Pied Oystercatcher
Haematopus longirostris

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