Words, materials and transformation

I love how my hands can transform materials it into new forms. Sometimes unexpected. My love affair with clay is still alive and well, and the journey has shown me colour and print. It has re-ignited an interest in chemistry as glaze investigations are now part of my life. The mystical alchemy and transformations in the kiln speaks to the part of my mind with an interest in unexplained things, but also is grounded in maths, and science.

Now my hands have started to draw, and paint, tentatively at first, but gaining confidence, skills with practice. A new journey as  I am thinking in new directions. The catalyst was an immersion week of ‘awakening’ my deeper thinking mind, with interesting books, and processing ideas through writing with Ruth Hadlow and a group of inspirational artists. This new journey is exciting, even exhilarating, and there is no end to it.

There is always a story to tell in the process of creation. Maybe it is an idea striving to find form. A process screaming out to be written down, with insights from the maker. A conversation with an author that resonates, inspires, and uncovers new ways of thinking and understanding. Or simply a narrative, a tale that needs to be told.

One thought on “Words, materials and transformation

  1. I can respond to your fascination with clay, and with your hands working the clay — my aunt was a very committed amateur potter, and occasionally with her I tried my own hand. Also … thank you for the follow!


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