Not simply black and white

Bits of my mind.

Deep in my conscious (and non-conscious) mind there is so much to uncover. It sometimes finds its way into the everyday, and I have been ignoring it. So this is the time it will take form with the writing on the blog as a starting of this unfolding of the thoughts that have laid latent for many years. They started to emerge when I was writing for a PhD study, but somehow that dissipated, distracted, never resolved.

My very privileged life revolves around creating with materials – clay, pencils, paper, paints, glue (and of course food)… and now includes books, writing and inspirational writers.

Several themes have been emerging, combining ideas that came into my consciouness during the retreat with books and inspiration of Ruth Hadlow.

The underlying ideas behind several words that were strong in my language were GROUND, GIFT, GLOW, and the SPACE BETWEEN. These have been preoccupying my mind to varying degrees over the last couple of weeks. How are they speaking to me? What can I find to discover here?

The notion of process of making – the relationship between the maker and the materials, which is often intangible, unsaid  as it lies between the conscious and unconscious.

How the inanimate take on a life as they are transformed through animation. Stories that are embedded and grounded in the making of new objects with the hand, born of the maker. Emergent of the hands.