Watercolour, pencil and ink


I always knew I would work in 2D one day. It has taken several years to get to this point, and after several failed attempts over the last few years (I didn’t enjoy what I was producing) I seem to have finally found the combination of media and techniques I love and want to explore – they hold enormous potential.


I have loved John Wolseley’s work for many years, and admire the way he works with nature, using nature to define the direction of his paintings and imagery. As I am from a science background I also love how he uses his scientific explorations and research to inform and as design elements, geology,  botany, biology…

This prompted me to experiment with water colour prints off paperbark, and then add line drawings of the birds and plants that I see everyday on my walks. Here is the first attempt, and I’m pretty happy, and now am setting myself some challenges… a drawing a day, a painting a week, and see where it takes me.


I’ve been waiting for the ‘moments’ that Tim Minchim talks about, where the hair on your neck stand on end… for me this is starting to happen, its quite an amazing addictive feeling, very autotelic (Defn: …of an activity or a creative work… having an end or purpose in itself). The only person I am creating these images for is me, and I am getting enormous pleasure from this process. I kinda think I am on a journey here.

I am also being tutored by John Muir – his youtube tutorials and books are the best tuition on drawing that I have found that suits my style. His focus is Nature Journals, drawing birds, and representing the nature around you, on your doorstep. A lesson a day.. and I love in this image how the branches look as though they move towards and away from the viewer, and the juxtaposition and unpredictability of the water colour with the line, and how they complement each other…

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