Towards a new exhibition



Reflections on travels in Andalusia are the momentum for my upcoming exhibition with my friend Mick Lord photographer. Called ‘Land of the Most Holy Mary’ (the common name for Andalusia) it will be at the Pomona Railway Gallery from Saturday 18th March to Tuesday 18th April 2016. The opening is Saturday 18th March at 2.00pm.

Media release:

Through sepia shaded photographs and rich textured sculptures Mick Lord (photographer) and Ellen Appleby (ceramicist) bring into focus the lime washed walls, weathered stones, archways and religious contradictions of southern Spain and Portugal. In this exhibition, Mick’s photos have a documentary aspect about them. They reflect his interest in the built environment and architecture.   Each photo is a statement of fact – it is about the “thing”, the building, its shape and textures. The built form is the product of cultures and religions, past and present.

Ellen’s clay sculptures pay attention to the crumbling walls, stairs seen through decorated doorways. She builds porcelain towers with ornate faded decoration highlighting the contradictions as nuns scuttle past Islamic doorways and windows. There are references the Catholic icons and artefacts sitting within Islamic archways in La Mesquita in Cordoba, and other unexpected alliances.

Mick lives in Brisbane and has been taking photographs for nearly 50 years.   He is a member of the Fine Monochrome Print Group, a group of photographers who promote the creation of monochrome images as well as the use of film and traditional darkroom practice. Film and analogue photography have never lost their charm for Mick because he enjoys the creative and tactile experience associated with developing films and photos.

After completing a Diploma of Arts (Ceramics) and Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE, Ellen has been a full time ceramicist for nearly 10 years, with many exhibitions in the Noosa area. She loves working with clay, she specializes in adapting print making processes onto clay, and is fascinated by the alchemy of the glazing and firing processes. Using a combination of porcelain, terracotta and stoneware clays, Ellen’s art demonstrates a grasp of many different techniques and ideas. She runs workshops at Wallace House, and is helping to organize Smoke on the Water 2017, the Australasian International Woodfire and Ceramic Art Conference in Cooroy. For more information contact Ellen on

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