Bird watching and walking with Bob Carey

Yesterday the wonderful Bob Carey took me around the walk he does through the remnant bush close to the Flexischool, and tennis centre in Sunshine Beach. I had no idea there was so much beautiful wallum there, full of casuarinas, banksia in bloom (exquisite) and tiny wildflowers. Lots of rubbish around the school too as the kids use the bush as an escape to have a smoke and lunch. Apparently they use it as time out space. But they have put Food Trees for Glossies signs up in the school grounds, and Bob and Tim Lennon have had conversations with the new school planners and architects, so that there are patches of original bush left. It makes the school grounds feel really special, very secluded, surrounded by trees and shrubs and grasses. The birds come down, and lots of food trees for the glossies. I walked around today as well, and took some photos. Just allowing the information to float around me, thinking about the rubbish and the weeds that could be eliminated, and marvelling that the remnant bush is providing a habitat for the birds even though development is creeping in. As the surrounding areas are National Park and reserves, hopefully there will not be more development. Thinking as I walk past the aquatic centre, tennis centre, gymnastics centre in the Bicentennial Hall, and skate park that the facilities in Noosa are excellent. Some photos

Some of the problems:

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