Cooloola printing in clay

Just returned from a very creative and productive workshop with the Cooloola potters. It was lots of fun, and they used transfer printings, photocopy resists prints, tetra PAC intaglio, laser decals, screen prints and Lino cut blocks. Yes, we were busy, and the results were worth it.

It’s all about Balance revisited

The original little Balancer from my exhibition “It’s all about balance” fell off her table.  My friend was so distressed when she ended up in a squillion pieces on the floor that I made her another one. This one is a different colour and has higher fired glazes which I hope will make her stronger….

Tutored studio space – starting February 2017

I am starting my tutored studio space again in 2017. You can work with me as co-artists in my studio and this will be limited to 4 people. I will run blocks of 4 x 3 hour sessions, over 4 weeks,  during which work can be made and fired. Each block of 4 sessions will focus on…

Ecoflicks Awards Lizards

Ecoflicks awards have been my latest project. Based on the Ecoflicks logo of a little lizard caricature, these lizards were fun to make – all 8 of them.  

Residency in Arita May 2016

After Land of the Most Holy Mary Exhibition exhibition I went to Clay Gulgong, a conference with amazing international ceramicists generously demonstrating and sharing their knowledge and skills. This was followed immediately by my residency in Arita, Saga Prefecture, Kyushu in Japan. Arita is a porcelain town where for many centuries, the porcelain stone was dug and worked in factories…

Group exhibitions

Group Exhibitions that will be showing my ceramics during August IMPRESSIONS The Brisbane Grammar School Art Committee’s 47th Annual Art Show Click here to view this year’s online catalogue. SILICEOUS – Ceramic Arts Queensland Ceramics Excellence Award Exhibition. Location: Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA) 41 Grafton Street, Windsor Opening: Friday 5th August, 6.30pm Exhibition: Friday 5th…


My  first series of Print on Clay workshops at Noosa Ceramics Centre, Wallace House were really enjoyable and fun.  My wonderful inspirational co-artist participants were truly inspirational. I loved the results, the colour, variety and the forms. I am always amazed what others can do with techniques I share, and how they can be used. I’ll…

Print on Clay Workshop

The Print on Clay workshop at Wallace House starting on 7th June at 2.00pm is just about full, so ring Jean at Wallace House 54741211 if you want to come along. This is an extended workshop over 4 weeks, with 12 hours tuition total  where you will be able to apply the decorative print techniques…

Towards a new exhibition

    Reflections on travels in Andalusia are the momentum for my upcoming exhibition with my friend Mick Lord photographer. Called ‘Land of the Most Holy Mary’ (the common name for Andalusia) it will be at the Pomona Railway Gallery from Saturday 18th March to Tuesday 18th April 2016. The opening is Saturday 18th March at…

Reflections on 2015

Best intentions to re-start with studies can change in one year. 2015 was full of other interesting things as I explored new techniques in ceramics, worked out how to use silk screens in many different ways, established workshops in my studio and have my loyal artist friends who came to play with clay with me….